This Spooky Small Town In Virginia Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

By definition, small towns in Virginia are charming, friendly, and some of the most beautiful parts of our state. And yet there’s something about them that evokes a sense of mystery. It’s almost as though being quaint can often be misconstrued as eerie. Then again, there are some small towns that just beg for the imagination to wander. That seems to be the case with Clifton Forge, a rural small town with plenty of room for the mind to run wild. In fact, there was even a horror movie released in 2013 that used this town as its setting. Learn more about Clifton Forge’s unique, and possibly haunted, history:

Whether or not you find Clifton Forge to be a particularly eerie small town, it’s undoubtedly a memorable and beautiful place to live and visit. It’s always fascinating to take a look at some of the more haunted histories of these small towns which are so interwoven with Virginia’s identity. If you have had any paranormal experiences in or around Clifton Forge, be sure to share them!