This Rare Footage In The 1940s Shows Virginia Like You’ve Never Seen Before

There are few buildings in all of Virginia as iconic as Monticello. With its red bricks and stark white columns, the home of President Thomas Jefferson is one that is easily recognized throughout the country. This video provides a glimpse into why this monument has stood the test of time. Recorded nearly 70 years ago, this educational documentary is set in Albemarle Country. The short video opens with a stunning view of the green rolling hills and clips of farming work. The narrator begins the segment with a brief discussion of President Monroe’s home of Ash Lawn, an equally stunning structure.

As you might imagine, many features of the video are outdated, such as the classification of a “negro servant,” and the mid 20th-century accent of the narrator. But the video’s main focus, Mr. Jefferson’s love of architecture, has a timeless feel. Thousands still visit the grounds of UVa. and Monticello to admire this passion. Visitors have come and gone, but the architect’s influence has remained an important part of Virginia’s history.

What did you think about this brief documentary? Did you feel nostalgic for this time in Virginia’s history? We’d love to hear your thoughts.