The Tiny Shop In Virginia That Serves Homemade Ice Cream To Die For

No matter the time of year, there’s just something about homemade ice cream that brings out the kid in all of us. Not only does it taste delicious, but the bright colors of toppings, creative ingredients, and experience of going with friends and loved ones make the experience a joyful one. Fortunately living in Virginia means we’re never far from quality ice cream. But one place that comes to mind when we think of homemade ice cream is a spot on Chincoteague Island. Let’s just say it’s well worth the trip to this remote small town on the Eastern Shore.

In addition to Island Creamery, we’re fortunate enough to have plenty of other delicious ice cream shops here in Virginia. Be sure to check out These 12 Must-Try Ice Cream Shops In Virginia to find one nearest you!