Take This Gorgeous Fall Foliage Road Trip To See Virginia Like Never Before

With a bounty of beautiful foliage, fall is perhaps the season where Virginia shines the brightest. The crisp autumn air is an invitation to get outside, hop in the car, and meander down roads where the trees are beginning to explode into their colors. Luckily for us in Virginia, these leaves can be enjoyed in nearly every corner of the state. This particular trip centers around the Blue Ridge Mountains, whose altitude produces some of the most dramatic and magnificent display of foliage. Here’s a road trip for you to make the most of the season. The duration of the trip (full map here) is approximately nine hours, so be sure to schedule plenty of time to make the most out of each stop.

With plenty of bed & breakfasts along the way, this road trip could make a wonderful weekend trip. There’s truly no wrong way to enjoy all that this fall season has to offer, so even if you can only make a few stops, the drive will provide plenty of memorable foliage. Enjoy the drive, and let us know what you think!