A Massive Invasion Could Be Underway In Virginia… Four Years Early

Though they weren’t expected until 2021, Virginia’s cicadas are making an unexpected appearance this spring.

As many long-time Virginians will know, cicadas typically pop out of the earth every 17 and 13 years. The last major invasion occurred in 2004, and the next wasn’t expected for quite a few years. Scientists don’t know why this batch of the bugs is emerging early.

The massive “Brood X” is expected to crawl out of the ground in 2021, and experts suggest that these early-bird cicadas are actually part of that huge group.

Cicadas are large insects that shed their exoskeletons pretty much everywhere and emit a deafening screech. During large-scale emergences, the creatures are known to completely blanket homes, lawns and roadways.

Cicadas pop out when the ground temperatures hit the mid 60s. With temps far exceeding that range in most parts of Virginia, you should be ready to spot some cicadas if there are any hiding around you.

The largest numbers of cicadas in Virginia have been recorded around Fairfax, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of the creatures rearing up in other parts of Virginia. Scientists need the help of the public to help track these bugs, so head to magicicada.org to report your sightings.

These critters usually spend between six and eight weeks above ground. However, their enthusiastic singing typically only lasts about three to four weeks.