Step Inside The Stunning Virginia Plantation That Was Left To Decay For Years

Editor’s note: As of spring 2016, the Selma Plantation is undergoing renovations and currently stands on private property. Visiting without express permission from the owners is not permitted.

This incredible video of the abandoned Selma Plantation Mansion in Virginia is a moving glimpse into a hauntingly beautiful and historic structure. The plantation dates back to the original European settlement of Virginia, and has a fascinating and tragic past. This past March, though, it was purchased and is currently being restored to its former splendor. Read on to find out more about what this Southern beauty, and be sure to check out the amazing footage brought to us by YouTube’s Brian Sterowski.

Check out the video of this plantation below:

It’s so intriguing to imagine the lives of this plantation’s inhabitants over the years. Can you imagine living in such a beautiful, old mansion? How do you feel about the mansion being restored?

Please note: the mansion is being restored by its new owners. The above video is only meant to showcase the plantation’s beauty, and trespassing on the property is prohibited.