These 15 Charming General Stores In Vermont Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

We love our country stores in Vermont, and why wouldn’t we?  They have everything a resident need, as well as providing the niche market of local goods that draw in tourism which the Green Mountain State heavily relies on. For those who grew up here, walking into these stores brings us back to a place from our childhood where we would go to buy butter, mail a letter and get a new pair of gloves all in one stop.  Thankfully, the country stores have remained true to their roots and still offer the one stop shopping that we have grown to love.

Let’s take a virtual stroll and and check out some of the charming general stores that are still running in Vermont, keeping us rooted to all that we hold near and dear to our hearts.  Be sure to add any general stores that you love so we can share our 802 love!

Where do you like to go to get your local Vermont essentials?  Be sure to like this post if you’ve been to any of these stores, as we love to support our local economy.  Let’s stimulate local businesses by adding your favorite shops and sharing!