15 Restaurants In Vermont That Are Hard To Get In… But Totally Worth It

There are many perks about living in a small state – minimal traffic, shorter lines, and less waiting to name a few. There are simply less people to make a crowd and sometimes the restaurants reflect that. But there are some places that you may have to wait for a table if you don’t have a reservation, if you can get in at all.

Thankfully there aren’t many restaurants with a 30 day waiting period, so if you call ahead you should be OK. However, sometimes reservations aren’t accepted and there may be a wait. And still, some may have no lines, but it will take a little extra time to get there since it’s off the beaten path. Regardless of why it takes a little longer, these 15 restaurants are totally worth it.

What restaurants do you enjoy that are totally worth waiting for? Please share with your fellow foodies!