This Amazing Timelapse Video Shows Vermont Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

After state inspectors determined that the Champlain Bridge was beyond repair in 2009, the states of New York and Vermont agreed to replace it. Only In Your State has found two videos that show how the bridge was demolished and rebuilt in these back to back amazing views. This is a snapshot of what happened in Vermont over two years ago like you’ve never seen before.

The 80-year-old Champlain Bridge was imploded in less than four seconds to make way for a new bridge with a completion time in approximately two years. This demolition video was made by YouTube user: Press Republican.

Now watch the new bridge is rebuilt in a time-lapse video of the HNTB-designed span lift for the Lake Champlain Bridge. The approach used saved a great deal of time and money opening the bridge to traffic sooner while increasing safety for highway workers.

Time-lapse of span lift of Lake Champlain Bridge

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