Most People Have No Idea This Tiny Independent Country Exists In Utah

Did you know that there is a tiny, independent country in Utah? It’s very small – just two acres – and surrounded on all borders by the state of Utah. No other country in the world recognizes Zaquistan. It’s not possible to live in Zaquistan, due to its very remote location, lack of water and lack of housing.

In July of 2005, Zaq Landsberg purchased two acres in the Utah desert, near the Great Salt Lake. He made his purchase on eBay, paying $610 for the land, sight unseen. In August, he and his friend Jake left Los Angeles and traveled to the land to see it and plant a flag, declaring it “The Republic of Zaquistan.” Check out this video that shows Zaq Landsberg planting the flag at the summit of Mt. Insurmountable.

What do you think? Would you like to be a citizen of the Republic of Zaquistan?