24 Maps That Prove Americans Can’t Agree On How To Say Anything

It’s no secret that we Americans can’t agree on pronunciations for even the most basic of terms. Ask an east coaster for a carbonated beverage and you’ll likely be served an icy cold ‘soda.’ Swing through the midwest and you’ll get a ‘pop.’ Head south, and suddenly you’ll be sipping a ‘Coke,’ whether you’ve specified you want that particular brand or not. Our linguistic differences are pretty fascinating when you think about it, and showcase just how vastly different the United States is depending on where you go.

Naturally, these discrepancies have been the subject of many studies throughout the years as folks try to figure out how exactly is ‘route’ pronounced? Lucky for us, our pals over at The Atlantic put together a fun little video depicting some of the biggest linguistic differences around the country. Here are some of the highlights:

What do you think? Are these maps pretty accurate? How do you say each of these words?