This Haunted Movie Theater Is More Terrifying Than An Actual Horror Film

With Halloween slowly but surely sneaking up on us, we’ve already begun to break out some of our favorite scary movies that always get us warmed up for the haunting holiday season. You may be feeling high and mighty for keeping your eyes peeled during those terrifying moments, where you continued to watch the screen as your friends threw blankets over their faces in fear. But, the real question is… are you brave enough to sit through a show in a haunted theater?

It’s time to test your bravery, this one haunted location is most certainly frightening:

Still somehow not creeped out enough? Watch this quick video with more recent ghost encounters at the theater that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up:

As terrifying as the stories behind the haunted locations of our state can be, it’s always fascinating to hear about the history surrounding these famous spirits. For more bone-chilling stories, continue reading about these 7 Ghosts From New York That Will Make Your Spine Tingle!