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The Mountain Coaster In Maryland That Will Take You On A Ride Of A Lifetime

If you’re a roller coaster fanatic and think you’ve seen every type of coaster, think again. The following mountain coaster in Maryland is the only one of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic region, offering a unique, unforgettable experience. Check it out and start planning your trip today!

To get a glimpse of what to expect while riding the Mountain Coaster, check out the below GoPro video by Youtube user Rusty Cranium. Looks like a blast!

Address: 296 Marsh Hill Rd, McHenry, MD 21541

Have you ridden the Mountain Coaster at Wisp Resort? What was the like? For more adventures in Western Maryland, click here!


Jamie Alvarenga
Jamie Alvarenga is a writer and editor living in Maryland. She's a habitual coffee drinker and photo blinker. Contact: