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Here Are The 14 Most Highly Rated Restaurants In Texas. They’re Amazing.

Have you ever wondered which restaurants Texans think are superior to any other in their city? If so, your curiosity ends today. I compiled a list of the number one restaurants in every major city in the state according to TripAdvisor reviews. These are just the opinions of fellow Texans, so don’t be upset if your favorite eateries didn’t make the list. However, every place scored at least a 4.8 on Google, so clearly they’re well-liked by a majority of patrons for a reason. I’d say they’re all worth a visit – at least just to boast that you’ve been to the top rated restaurant in every city in Texas.

Have you ever been to any of these restaurants? Which one was your favorite?

Katie Lawrence
Katie is a psychology major who, aside from writing, loves yoga, winter, horror movies, coffee, thunderstorms, and cozy days with a good book.