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12 Things You Didn’t Know About The History of Texas

We’ve told you a lot of cool things about Texas so far, but we haven’t covered much about Texas history. However, you probably didn’t learn the following Texas history facts in school; I dug a little deeper to find the quirky, bizarre, or really interesting tidbits of history in this state that just might surprise you!

Hopefully these facts didn’t make you fall asleep like a lecture from your college history professor…which ones did you find the most interesting? I hope you could learn something from these little glimpses into history! If you did, please comment below and share with your friends!

Kristen Lawrence
Texas staff writer for Only in Your State, blogger for Power of Positivity, and freelance health, wellness, and travel writer. I spend any chance I get traveling, enjoying nature, trying out new recipes, and meditating. I love sharing smiles, good food, and great conversation :)