The World’s Largest Spring-Fed Pool Is Right Here In Texas And You’ll Want To Visit

Picture a pristine swimming pool with sapphire waters, rare fish, and scuba diving. Visitors lounge in the shade of tall trees and swimmers delight in crystal-clear water.

Chances are, you didn’t think western Texas could be the setting of such a place. And yet against all odds, this desert oasis can be found in the heart of the desert plains. Balmorhea State Park features the largest naturally-fed swimming pool in the world and with hot summer days ahead, you’ll want to plan your visit soon.

Admission to the park is $7 per adult, and any certified scuba divers who wish to participate in night diving can pay an additional $5. For more information on the park as well as directions and hours, be sure to visit the official website. Have you seen the world’s largest spring-fed swimming pool in person? We’d love to hear about your experiences there!