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15 Words And Phrases Only People From Texas Will Understand

Here in Texas, we seem to have a language all our own, whether it’s using commonly spoken words in a completely different way, or making up our own phrases altogether.¬†We basically are an independent country, after all, so of course we have a unique lingo here. So everyone who lives outside of Texas, pay attention, because you’ll want to know these words like the back of your hand before you come visit:

So, did I forget any important Texas phrases y’all? Feel free to add your favorites in the comments below or let us know which ones you say most often!

Kristen Lawrence
Texas staff writer for Only in Your State, blogger for Power of Positivity, and freelance health, wellness, and travel writer. I spend any chance I get traveling, enjoying nature, trying out new recipes, and meditating. I love sharing smiles, good food, and great conversation :)