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12 Amazing Hidden Gems In Texas That Most People Don’t Know About

Living in Texas, I’ve learned that I could easily spend a whole lifetime here and not see half the’s almost mind-boggling how huge our state really is. After a recent trip driving up to the Palo Duro Canyon from Beaumont, the sheer square footage of Texas became even more clear to me. We all know about the Palo Duro, the Big Bend, Enchanted Rock, and tubing the Guadalupe, Comal or Frio..but have you ever thought to visit these less-traveled places? From beautiful retreats in nature to haunted hotels, Texas harbors plenty of secrets sure to satisfy your inner explorer.

I’m an avid explorer myself, so I have definitely added some of these to my bucket list! I know I didn’t cover them all, of course, so please add your favorite hidden gems to the list in the comments below!

Kristen Lawrence
Texas staff writer for Only in Your State, blogger for Power of Positivity, and freelance health, wellness, and travel writer. I spend any chance I get traveling, enjoying nature, trying out new recipes, and meditating. I love sharing smiles, good food, and great conversation :)