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These 10 Restaurants Serve The Best Bloody Mary In Texas

For decades, people have been justifying their Bloody Mary cravings with the unfounded belief that the delicious drinks are a hangover elixir. While that may be true for the non-alcoholic ingredients, vodka and tequila probably aren’t the best cures for the very sickness they cause. But, I digress…life is short, Bloody Marys are good, and it’s five o’clock somewhere. Do we need any further justification to enjoy ourselves? I think not, and on that note, here are 10 restaurants/bars in Texas that serve up a mean Bloody Mary.

Which one of these sounds the best to you? Where in Texas have you had a Bloody Mary that rivals all contenders?

Katie Lawrence
Katie is a psychology major who, aside from writing, loves yoga, winter, horror movies, coffee, thunderstorms, and cozy days with a good book.