The Most Amazing Enchiladas In Austin Are Hiding Inside A Bowling Alley

Austinites have a passionate love affair with Tex Mex. Gooey, rich cheese and spicy peppers liven up our taste buds, and it’s safe to say we can never get enough of it. From local taco trailers to massive dining halls, Mexican food is everywhere you look. You might be surprised to learn where Austin’s best enchiladas are hiding. No, you won’t find these delicious creations amongst the sprawling downtown cityscape. The most amazing enchiladas in Austin are hiding inside Dart Bowl, an iconic bowling alley in North Austin.

Have you tasted the enchiladas from Dart Bowl Cafe? For even more Tex Mex bliss, try the chile rellenos from this Austin restaurant. The dishes are so good, they’ve been delivered to the White House!