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10 Disturbing Cemeteries Around Austin That Will Give You Goosebumps

When choosing to discuss and research disturbing cemeteries around Austin, one thing is for sure…they will give you goosebumps! We don’t care what you say…cemeteries are kind of eerie, and just the right place to be if you’re looking to get a little spooked, especially at night time. No one likes to admit these things of course, but after you have a look at these cemeteries in Austin, you may change your mind.

Many of us have wondered at some point in our lives or another, what passing on to the next world is like – It’s only human. Many of us have also laid to rest loved ones and visited them from time to time at a cemetery. Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder…why do we feel goosebumps when we pass through these cemeteries? Is it because the resting spirits are still around? Hm…