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This Themed Restaurant Is Probably The Most Unique In Tennessee

Pinewood Social. When Nashville first caught wind of the whole shebang a couple of years ago, we heard it was an upscale eatery with a bowling alley inside of it. Which made it wildly exciting and something the entire town could look forward to. Fast-forward a couple of years, and you have a wildly successful, hipster-esque aura that caters to young professionals, the successfully self-employed and those who like to shell out a mortgage payment to bowl. Themed? Maybe. Cool? Forever.

So, maybe not themed. But kind of? Retro, industrial-chic, borderline magazine perfect? They all work in our book, so you can flip a coin and choose a descriptor of your own. Curious for more fun spots in Nashville? Check out the ten most underrated places!

Meghan O'Brien
Meghan O'Brien lives in South Nashville and spends her days exploring Music City.