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The Timeless Tennessee Restaurant Everyone Needs To Visit At Least Once

Everyone has heard of the Loveless Cafe, but what other restaurant in Nashville is as timeless and beautiful as the city itself? Where can you visit and enjoy a meal infused with southern culture, a place that serves up a side of hospitality with their menu?

We’ll forever love The Standard at the Smith House, located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. This gorgeous town home is the only one that still survives within the city – and you need to visit. ASAP.

If you’re still looking to experience the gorgeous nature of Tennessee, Spend the Night in Tennessee’s Most Majestic Castle for an Unforgettable Experience.

Meghan O'Brien
Meghan is a Tennessee transplant wildly in love with Music City. She’s quite the fan of snobby coffee, late night diner dates and the unnecessary hair flip.