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7 Places in Nashville With Burritos So Good You’ll Be Back for Seconds

Burritos are pretty much a god-send, wouldn’t you say? They’re the best thing to come out of the Tex-Mex revolution, something entirely devoid of Mexican heritage but perfectly delicious in every way. (The word translates literally to, “little donkey” – can you imagine ordering one of those in Mexico?) We’re thankful for the culture mish-mash that is a burrito, because it fills us up on hard days and keeps Chipotle going strong. Too soon? Nah. Let’s go find a burrito, friends!

Did you know that A Drive Down Tennessee’s Loneliest Road Will Take You Miles And Miles Away From It All? And it’s right near Nashville!

Meghan O'Brien
Meghan O'Brien lives in South Nashville and spends her days exploring Music City.