The Abandoned Town In South Dakota That Most People Stay Far, Far Away From

When you hear of a place called Scenic, South Dakota, you might envision a lovely place with the kind of lovely scenery that inspired its name. The surrounding scenery of the actual Scenic, South Dakota might be nice, but the town itself is in ruins. This eerie place sits abandoned and empty, just waiting for nature to completely wipe it off the map. It gives you a haunting feeling to even walk through the desolate roads and buildings left behind.

YouTuber ripfletching explored the town and discovered this unusual sight: two jail cells, side by side, out in the open with nothing but a small roof covering them:

Needless to say, this place is definitely various kinds of creepy and unsettling. The fate of this town is yet to be decided. The organization that bought it is not using it, still, and for the most part it remains up to nature to decide.

South Dakota has another ghost town that was completely wiped out by the creation of one of South Dakota’s biggest lakes. Read more about it here.