The Most Notorious Cemetery In South Dakota Is Haunted By These Spirits Of The Wild West

Back in the days that the west was still considered wild, South Dakota was host to many notorious criminals and heroes alike. These figures had nicknames known for miles around, and took part in infamous shootouts, robberies, and acts of vigilante justice. During the gold rush, many of these people were drawn to South Dakota. Towns like Deadwood were known for this and still hold that history today.

One place you can visit in Deadwood is a cemetery like no other. The resting place for some well known names of the west is here, and it’s known as Mount Moriah Cemetery.

We don’t know if any of these spirits may still be lurking here, but it’s certainly full of the stories of the men and women who lie here. It’s a must if you are planning to visit Deadwood, so if you are interested in more information about Mount Moriah Cemetery, click here.

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