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These 9 Houses In South Dakota From The 1930s Will Open Your Eyes To A Different Time

Since we just featured some awesome antique stores here that have things from decades back offering a small view into what it might have been like to live at that time, I thought it’d be interesting to dive a little deeper and check out some old photographs from the 1930s of houses here in South Dakota. These homes, from the poorest types hit hard by the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, to fanciful mansions in cities, to the temporary dwellings of those with high hopes of making it rich, provided shelter to all walks of life that tried to make it here in the state’s earlier days.

Everything is a lot different now, and it’s hard to fully understand what it was like then, so let’s take a trip back in time…

The history of South Dakota is certainly a rich one, full of both hardships and prosperity. Do you have any family stories or history in the state?

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