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17 Amazing Things People In South Carolina Just Can’t Live Without

If you really take the time to think about it, you’ll agree that we seem to have it all here in the Palmetto State. In a short three-and-a-half hours you can go from staring down the most beautiful sunrise over the ocean to hiking through a dense forest on a mountain trail in the Upstate. We are blessed in so many ways in South Carolina. Here are some things South Carolinians just can’t live without.

It’s great to have it all here in the Palmetto State. What did you think of our list of things we couldn’t live without? Did we miss anything? I’m sure you have a few more things you couldn’t live without. Share them in our comments below.

Robin Jarvis
Robin Jarvis is a staff writer for She's traveled to five of the seven continents and currently lives 35-feet in the air in a treehouse in the Southeastern U.S. When she's not writing, she's dreaming of her next trip.