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8 Places In South Carolina Where You’re Most Likely To Spot A Celebrity

They’re just people. So why do we get so excited when we spot them in public? They’re famous. That’s why.

South Carolina has hosted some pretty big names over the past several years. George Clooney spent some time in the Upstate while on a film shoot. And several actors have worked on sets in the Lowcountry.  Here are some common places in South Carolina where you’re likely to spot a celeb. Make sure your smartphone is charged when you visit one of these spots so you can snap that perfect photo and share with your friends!

Have you spotted a celeb in South Carolina? Tell us where in the comments below!

Robin Jarvis
Robin Jarvis is a staff writer for She's traveled to five of the seven continents and currently lives 35-feet in the air in a treehouse in the Southeastern U.S. When she's not writing, she's dreaming of her next trip.