Here’s The Ultimate Terrifying South Carolina Lowcountry Road Trip And It’ll Haunt Your Dreams

A couple of weeks ago, we published the Ultimate South Carolina Waterfalls Road Trip and got an overwhelming response. Since all of those waterfall stops were in the Upstate, we decided to put together a road trip for the Lowcountry.  (We promise to publish an Upstate version of this haunted road trip soon.)

South Carolina has such intense history it’s no wonder there are so many reported hauntings. We picked out seven terrifying haunted places with relatively easy access and created this easy to follow route. The total trip is 264 miles with an estimated five hours and fifty-seven minutes of drive time. We’ve included a link to the Google Map here. (One note: if you see a no tresspassing sign, please heed the notice and don’t trespass; it’s against the law.)

Got nearly six hours – plus the time you’ll spend exploring the hauntings at these sites?  We’ve got the Google map here – if you’ve got the time, South Carolina. Let’s hit the road for The Ultimate Terrifying South Carolina Lowcountry Road Trip!

Have you visited any of these locations and did you know they are reportedly haunted? Who’s up for a terrifying roadtrip?