The Restaurant In South Carolina That Was Named One Of The Best In The World

Well, it’s in print and on the internet. That makes it official: one of the best restaurants in the world is right here in South Carolina. But just one.

Condé Nast Traveler recently (in 2016) published a list of 207 of the “greatest restaurants around the globe,” and although the list from many states in the U.S. included a lineup as long as your arm, only one restaurant in South Carolina made the list. One.

But, it’s hard to be on top – and even harder to stay there. Just ask The Wreck of The Richard and Charlene in Mount Pleasant.

The Wreck is a bastion of remembrance for a colossal old fishing trawler that, during Hurricane Hugo in 1989, ripped the piling she was tied to right out of the ground. She was swished all over Shem Creek and came to rest on a neighboring dock, where she sat impaled on a piling helpless for nearly a year until a salvage team took her apart piece, by piece.

When you eat at The Wreck, you’re sitting in the very spot where The Richard & Charlene came to rest. And somehow, it’s more than fitting that the restaurant devoted to keeping the spirit of The Richard & Charlene alive is in a way, a wreck.

The Wreck is located at 106 Haddrell St, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464.

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