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16 Awesome Things You Can Do In South Carolina When It’s Raining

What to do? What to do? How many times have you heard that question asked when it was raining outside? It’s difficult to think of fun things to do when it’s raining outside. You feel cooped up and have a need to get out of the house. Maybe you just need some rainy day ideas. Well, I have just the list for you. Here are 16 pretty awesome things you can do in South Carolina when it’s raining.

The rainy season is upon us and what better way to combat the rainy day blues than by trying something fun? Okay, maybe naps aren’t considered “fun” in the mainstream way, but to some of us they can be quite refreshing and if all else fails then you can always have that one to fall back on. What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Gwen Tennille
Gwen is an author, artist, illustrator, graphic designer, mother, wife, and part-time super hero. She loves to tackle her dreams head on and takes life by storm. Coffee is her best friend and a good book cannot be beat! When does she have the time, you ask? you really need that much sleep?