You’ve Never Seen Anything Like These Crazy Drivers In South Carolina

The good news? The number of traffic fatalities in the Palmetto State has decreased in the last 10 years. (If you don’t like statistics this is the part where you skip to the next paragraph.) According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2005 there were 1,094 fatalities caused by car accidents. By 2014, the most recent stats they show, there were 824. We know, that’s still 824 too many.

If asked, we’d probably all say we’ve had a close call in a car at least once in our lives, whether it was our own fault or someone else’s. Here are some close calls and other poor driving decisions caught on tape and edited into this nice little video. All of these instances in the video were crazy drivers in South Carolina, but not necessarily FROM South Carolina. You just may recognize some of the locations. Be careful, watching this video is mesmerizing.

At 11 minutes into the video a driver in a grey SUV pulls across the lanes into an intersection and in front of a white pontiac sedan and blocks him. He sits there for an entire light rotation before moving forward while all the other cars have to make their way around the mess. That’s just craaaazy!

Some of those caught on video were downright dangerous. Have you seen many crazy drivers where you live? Tell us in the comments.