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This Canopy Walk In South Carolina Will Make Your Stomach Drop

How about a nice walk among the treetops? If you dare…

Lynches River County Park in Coward, South Carolina has the perfect place to walk among the treetops in their amazing Canopy Walk. And it’s free! This amazing and fun county park offers 676 acres of jam-packed outdoor fun, including the best canopy walk in the state. But hey, if you’re afraid of heights you might want to just hang back and be that person who holds every else’s stuff. Seriously. This one is not for the faint of heart.

Let’s check it out together.

Here’s a great video from YouTube user martinkanestudio showing just how fun this canopy walk can be…

Have you already tried the Canopy Walk at Lynches River County Park in Coward? We’d love to hear about it or see photos over in our comments on Facebook.

Robin Jarvis
Robin Jarvis is a staff writer for She's traveled to five of the seven continents and currently lives 35-feet in the air in a treehouse in the Southeastern U.S. When she's not writing, she's dreaming of her next trip.