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These 10 Restaurants Serve The Best Crab Cakes In South Carolina

There’s nothing finer than a big plump jumbo lump crab cake. In South Carolina, especially near the coast, restaurants offer up this delicacy in many creative ways. Some serve the crab cake as a sandwich, while others tempt your appetite with a “starter” portion. Sometimes you’ll find a crab cake served on top of salad and other times you’ll get a pair  – or a trio – as an entree’.  It’s always fun to see what the creative and talented chefs in the Palmetto State do to personalize this signature dish.

Here are 10 of the best signature creations and restaurants for ordering up some mighty fine crab cakes in South Carolina.

Who’s up for crab cakes this weekend?

With so many great restaurants in South Carolina we are sure we’ve only scratched the surface with this list. Where do you go in South Carolina to get your crab cake fix?

Robin Jarvis
Robin Jarvis is a staff writer for She's traveled to five of the seven continents and currently lives 35-feet in the air in a treehouse in the Southeastern U.S. When she's not writing, she's dreaming of her next trip.