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The Haunted Hotel

  • 447 Orleans St. Beaumont , TX 77701
  • (409) 729-3300
  • Website
  • October 29: 7:13pm - (ticket sales stop at 11:13pm)
    October 30: 7:13pm - (ticket sales stop at 11:13pm)
    October 31: 7:13pm - (ticket sales stop at 11:13pm)

So you say you like to be scared? Are you sure? Because we are not sure you know what you are getting yourself into. The Haunted Hotel has been in business for over 30 years…so they have had plenty of time to figure out your deepest, darkest nightmares. After expanding locations into Louisiana, 2015 will be an especially spirited show, as it is their first return to their original haunting grounds in Beaumont, TX, and the team has put together their best show yet. The building alone has a long history of haunted events…and not the ones designed to scare you. For decades, people have reported scary sightings, unexplained events, and creepy voices that definitely are not a part of the actual show. You may never know if the spirits you see are actually ghostly guest appearances! The Haunted Hotel allows NO outside lights on the tour (even cell phones!) so we hope you aren’t afraid of the dark (but maybe you should be…). The best part: they take pictures of guests throughout the tour and post them on their Facebook page, so if you’ve ever wondered what your face will look like the moment before die of fright…now you know…