Sweetheart Donuts

The original Sweetheart Donuts was opened in the 1970’s and quickly became a local legend…which is why local Bend resident’s were stunned when the business suddenly closed up shop in 2009. This, clearly, needed fixing, and sisters Danielle and Chasity Levine stepped up to the challenge. These local ladies took on the task of reviving a lifelong favorite treat shop from the ground up, starting with business development classes and working their way to success. Today, the Sweetheart Donut shop is busier than ever, and the Levine sisters have perfected their menu with playful new creations that have proved popular within the once donut-deprived community. They moved locations to a more convenient spot, which serves as both a walk-in shop and a drive-up donut stop! The Sweetheart “sweethearts” deserve a well-earned visit the next time you need a fresh, homemade donut fix!