Felicitous Coffee & Tea House

For those looking to add a new word to your vocabulary, here you go:

Felicitous ( \fi-ˈli-sə-təs\ ): 1. Well chosen or suited to the circumstances. 2. Pleasing and fortunate.

Their name says it all; Felicitous Coffee & Tea House was built with love, a little luck, and the longing to create the place that owner Rani Chehal wished existed during her years at the University of South Florida—the perfect cozy coffee shop to study in, to meet up with friends, or just to enjoy the Florida sunshine on the patio. Felicitous was truly built from the outside-in, focused first on the people to provide a quirky, unique space that felt welcoming and reflected the rich community around it, while also providing a diverse menu of full of food and drinks to satisfy the tastes of their guests. And I say “guests” very intentionally—because you are more than just a customer here… you are celebrated. Felicitous local-focus provides a comfortable space for artists, writers, musicians, activists, and students to be free in expression, as well as a place for the community to come together for inspiration…and for a delicious cup o’ joe!