Downtown Credo

Credo is NOT your average coffee shop—they raise the bar for excellent brews and community-focused business practices. Their organically grown fair trade beans travel all the way from Guatemala and arrive in your cup after being locally roasted and freshly brewed to perfection. Credo’s creed focuses on three things: Coffee, Conduit, and Rally. All of their products are served on a donation-based model that allows them pay their farmers a well-deserved 50% higher price than fair trade standards, because they believe in rewarding excellence and stimulating growth in international communities. Credo has made it their mission to stir up awareness and involvement in non-profit work in their own community as well by supporting local charity organizations and providing an open forum for local musicians to play during their monthly Songwriter’s Stage event. As their motto proudly proclaims, “Change the world, sip by scrumptious sip!”