Cathedral of Junk

Some “junk artists” set out with a vision for their piece, but not Vince Hanneman, the curator and constructor of this oddly beautiful fortress of found items. In 1988, Hanneman started building what has since become a maze of networking rooms, pathways, and even a “Zen garden” filled with broken TVs…just for fun. Unlike a hoarder’s pile of trash, the Cathedral was constructed with care (and was even found structurally sound by city officials). Although it may be overwhelming for some, we can’t help being fascinated by all the stuff he’s put in there. One could spend a whole day looking at a singe wall and still find new items they hadn’t seen before. The coolest part (we think) is that, from the street you can hardly tell it is even there! Nature has taken over to reclaim edges and the Cathedral has served as an elaborate trellis for the surrounding plants. Whether or not he meant it to be, Vince Hanneman’s Cathedral of Junk has become a masterpiece. As the Cathedral exists on his home property, he opens it up by appointment only, and this is one tour you definitely want to schedule.