Andre’s Confiserie Suisse

Chef Bruno Gegenschatz is known for his beautiful desserts, especially the beautiful tortes and pastries, but Andre’s Confiserie Suisse offers some amazing lunches as well. Aside from his delicious quiches, Gegenshatz offers only two gourmet items on his menu each day and posts his creations on his website and Facebook so his fans know when their favorites appear. But back to those desserts… Swiss-born Gegenshatz specializes in Swiss, French, and Danish delights…and they are to die for. There is a reason the Swiss are known for their chocolate, and Andre’s is well-known for their handmade truffles and treats—you can even call ahead and have your boxes packed and ready for pickup! Opened in 1967, Andre’s Confiserie Suisse certainly shows off its 40 years of experience in their wide range of European desserts. The beautiful tarts are almost too pretty to eat…almost.