9 Exhilarating Views In Pennsylvania That Are NOT For Those Afraid Of Heights

Pennsylvania has some of the best natural viewpoints in the country, but some are more terrifying than others…especially if you are afraid of heights. If you are bold and brave (and maybe a little bit crazy), there are several vistas you won’t want to miss!

Some of these views are safer than others (you won’t go tumbling to your death while riding the Monongahela Incline), but others require a bit more of a hike or an extra dose of courage. For these extra-incredible vistas…be careful. Just because that cool rocky outcropping would make a great “selfie” background doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind; if you are going to venture out to the edge (of any cliff, secured or otherwise), keep in mind that the extraordinary view you might just catch will be the last one you see as you free fall from the precipice. You have been warned.

Have you braved the way out to any of these terrifying viewpoints and lived to tell the tale? If so, share your story in the comments below! Have you been anywhere else that we might have missed on this list? We want to hear about it!