This Sky Walk In Pennsylvania Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Mother Nature simply won’t take no for an answer but, then again, neither will the Kinzua Bridge. When Mother Nature unleashed her fury with a furious tornado that ripped through Kinzua State Park in 2003, she succeeded in bringing down all but one-third of the 2,053 foot long Kinzua Bridge.

But, despite the vicious storm, part of the Kinzua Bridge refused to collapse. Today, the 600 feet of bridge that survived has become one of the state’s most spectacular sky walks, promising visitors a stunning view of the forest floor and the remains of the bridge scattered haphazardly some 300 feet below.

Off we go on a virtual tour of the Kinzua Bridge Sky Walk in Pennsylvania that will make your stomach drop (and that will likely kick start your wanderlust).

Take A Virtual Tour of the Kinzua Sky Walk

Now that you’ve seen the spectacular photos, check out this equally beautiful video.

How lucky are we to have this sky walk in Pennsylvania? But, the Kinzua Bridge Sky Walk is far from the only gem in our beautiful state. Check out this article to learn about other stunning places in Pennsylvania you have to explore at least once.