The One Pennsylvania Town That’s So Perfectly Mid-Atlantic

Pennsylvania promises a surprise at every turn. Home to nearly 13 million people, the sixth largest state in America has something for just about every one. Two big cities – Philadelphia and Pittsburgh – bookend the state while rolling farmland, the Amish countryside, and small towns make up the central part of the state. Then, of course, there are the sandy beaches of Erie and the lush forests and state parks. Together with Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia, Pennsylvania makes up the mid-Atlantic states.

Mid-Atlantic states, fertile with farmland, are known for being multi-cultural, sporting a vibrant cultural scene, and focusing on the trade industry and farming. Many, in fact, define the mid-Atlantic region as the buffer between the north and the south. The enchanting town of Carlisle is a perfectly mid-Atlantic town in Pennsylvania that you’ll want to add to your bucket list.

This perfectly mid-Atlantic town in Pennsylvania charms visitors with its quaint shops, enchanting restaurants, and community closeness. Here’s another storybook town in Pennsylvania that you’ll definitely want to visit.