10 Things People Did In Oregon Before The Internet Took Over Our Lives

Once upon a time, where was a world without memes, Youtube and days of endless Facebook scrolling. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Internet. It’s a platform for information, education, art, activism, archives, entertainment and it connects people in ways that could never have happened otherwise. Needless to say, the Internet changed the world in enormous ways, maybe even more than we realize at this point in time.

Although it’s always good to appreciate what we have while looking to the future, sometimes we also need to look back and appreciate how different our day-to-day lives used to be. Remember all those afternoons spent outdoors, walking the city streets or enjoying nature without checking our phones or wondering if the view was Instagram-worthy? Remember the scenic drives, the days spent at the library, and the fun, cozy nights playing board games with the family? For today’s post, we’re going back in time to revisit those days. Here are 10 things people in Oregon used to do a lot more before the Internet took over our lives:

What else did you do before the internet age? Share your thoughts in the comments.