20 Things You Only Know To Be True If You’re From Ohio

From sports rivalries to strange pronunciations, there are simply undeniable trademarks of those of us who live in Ohio that you won’t always find in other states.

1) “O-H” essentially demands an immediate “I-O” reply.

2) Also, “Ohio” is actually spelled best with one’s arms rather than one’s voice or handwriting.


3) We can’t seem to agree on the way that “wash” is pronounced. Sometimes there’s a “r.” Sometimes there isn’t.

4) Street construction is a way of life that we don’t seem to know how to function with or without.


5) Also, gaping potholes Gandalf the Gray is STILL falling down.


6) Snowfall isn’t rare but snow days are rare—though that never seems to stop everyone from rushing to the nearest grocery store or Walmart to purchase all the milk and bread. (You’d think by now snow wouldn’t scare us…You’d think.)

7) We usually give directions based on a location’s proximity to a major city and we give them in time increments, not miles. “It’s an hour outside of Cleveland” will be the sort of answers you get from us and you really can’t expect anything else.

8) Four designated seasons are a whimsical, “Alice in Wonderland” type of concept we’d like to think we know about. In reality, we know that any one of them can occur at any given moment because Mother Nature knows no boundaries in Ohio.

9) You are 100 percent convinced that you don’t have an accent.

10) Flea markets are pretty freaking awesome.

11) Carbonated beverages are “pop” because “soda” is an old-fashioned term only used to describe fancy pop with ice cream or something in it. Right?


12) When someone refers to Athens or Oxford you don’t necessarily consider Europe right away.

13) Even if you don’t like sports you really, really understand the differences between universities such as Ohio University and Ohio State University (and Michigan University and Michigan State University)  because during football season it is essentially a matter of life and death and the last thing you’re going to do is risk looking stupid in front of your fellow fans.


14) You know the reality of the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry that can tear family and friends apart and it’s perfectly acceptable.

15) While driving (anywhere in the world really) your eyes scan surrounding woods and the road ahead for deer.


16) Summer days without humidity are incomprehensible.

17) Buffalo Wild Wings is “B-Dubs.” Period. Don’t ask for an explanation. That’s just the way it is. 


18) Stores such as Meijer, Kroger and JC Penney are referred to in possessive form. It’s “Meijer’s,” “Kroger’s” and “JC Penney’s” here and we don’t care if that’s wrong because it just feels right to us.

19) You’re still trying to convince visitors (and haters) that the Cuyahoga River is no longer flammable.

20) You’re still trying to convince yourself that Ohio really is the best state ever in spite of its craziness.

What else do you only know to be true if you’re from Ohio?