Why This One Little Town Is Ohio’s Best Kept Secret

When it comes to small, beautiful and underrated small towns, Ohio has plenty. There is one town in particular, however, that features not only the epitome of small town charm, but adventure, family fun and creativity as well.

Yellow Springs, Ohio is home to a population of approximately 3,513 residents, Antioch College, a colorful downtown, the nearby John Bryan State Park and, (you guessed it), the official “Yellow Spring” the town is named after. This artsy little town offers unique shops, local eateries and small town life at its finest—but the nature scene thrives here too.

Find the official “Yellow Spring” (which actually looks more orange than yellow) at the Glen Helen Nature Preserve, which covers 1,000 acres and features a 25-mile network of footpaths that allows visitors to observe 400-year-old trees, limestone cliffs with waterfalls and overhangs and the official yellow spring. (Fun fact: The wooded glen was donated to to Antioch College in memory of alumnus Taylor Birch’s daughter, Helen, in 1929.)

John Bryan State Park is also close to the town of Yellow Springs and offers beautiful hiking trails if you’re searching for something more adventurous. It’s a 752-acre park that features a limestone gorge cut by the Little Miami Scenic River, which is approximately one mile from Yellow Springs. Visitors can camp, fish, rock climb, rappel and mountain bike here.

Another popular attraction in Yellow Springs is Young’s Jersey Dairy, which is a perfect stop to make for some family fun. It’s a working dairy farm that features homemade ice cream and cheese, two restaurants, a bakery, miniature golf, a driving range, batting cage, animals to pet and more.

Just five minutes from Yellow Springs you’ll find the historic site of Clifton Mill, which features a vintage mill, a covered bridge, a 1940s-era gas station and a quaint American restaurant. (Clifton Mill is located at 75 Water St., Clifton, OH 45316.)

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