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There’s A Themed Bed and Breakfast In The Middle Of Nowhere In Northern California You’ll Absolutely Love

Northern California definitely has some quirks that give it plenty of character. This bed & breakfast on the shores of Clear Lake is a prime example. It celebrates the history of this region in a fun and unique way.

We can’t get enough of the Featherbed Railroad Caboose Bed and Breakfast in Nice. Here’s why:

The Featherbed Railroad Caboose Bed and Breakfast is located at

2870 Lakeshore Blvd
Nice, CA 95464

You can learn more about it by calling (707) 274-8378 or visiting them online.

Would you stay at this cozy and cute bed and breakfast? How do you think you would like sleeping in one of their cabooses?

Jill S.
Jill is a freelance writer from a small Northern California town and lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains. If you have an idea for an Only In Northern California story, email her at