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There’s A Little Slice Of Paradise Hiding Right Here In San Francisco… And You’ll Want To Visit

San Francisco is full of places to escape the urban hustle and bustle—you just have to keep your eyes open (and your Pokemon games away). In fact, the city has dedicated a lot of room for residents to enjoy the great outdoors with over 220 green spaces available. One of our favorite little slices of paradise is the small yet scenic Ina Coolbrith Park in the heart of Russian Hill. Warning: You will be forced to climb at least one steep hill to get to this 0.8-acre park. But it’s worth it!

Have you been to Ina Coolbrith Park? Where do you go to catch a little slice of paradise in San Francisco? If you’re hunting for another underrated park in San Francisco, we recommend this one right here.

Stephanie Garr
Stephanie is a freelance writer and editor based in San Francisco, California. When she's not tapping at a keyboard, she can be found leading groups on gourmet chocolate walking tours (best job ever) or running the many lovely hills and stairs of the city (to burn off all that chocolate, of course). She also runs a travel blog with her husband at Big & Small Travel (