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A Trip To This Epic Chocolate Factory In San Francisco Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Forget the kids! What reasonable adult would not want to have their very own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory adventure? (As Charlie, of course; we promise you won’t get sucked up a chocolate pipe here). Well, this is very much a reality right in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District at the small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate maker Dandelion Chocolate. Aside from offering some of the highest-quality, single-origin chocolate bars and exquisite chocolaty treats, Dandelion offers tours and classes within their small working chocolate factory at 740 Valencia Street. As of this writing, they’re in the process of launching a bigger factory on 16th and Harrison that they plan to open soon to host even bigger chocolate tours and events. You want to visit this chocolate factory in San Francisco.

If you weren’t salivating already, this video from Hannah Radcliff offers a great introduction to Dandelion Chocolate and their intricate chocolate-making process.

Not enough sweetness for you? Then, check out some of San Francisco’s best ice cream shops—a great palate cleanser after all that rich chocolate!

Stephanie Garr
Stephanie is a freelance writer and editor based in San Francisco, California. When she's not tapping at a keyboard, she can be found leading groups on gourmet chocolate walking tours (best job ever) or running the many lovely hills and stairs of the city (to burn off all that chocolate, of course). She also runs a travel blog with her husband at Big & Small Travel (